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Adding A Website To LinkRocket

When you first create an account on LinkRocket you will be prompted to add your first website to the platform. Follow the steps in the video below to add a website to the LinkRocket platform.


The steps from the video above (written out) just in case you didn’t want to watch the video!

Adding Your First Website to LinkRocket

After logging in, you’ll see a prompt to add your first website. You must do this before accessing other features. Let’s start by adding a test website. Click “continue.”

You can enter a brief description for your site here, though it’s optional. Next, select a category for your website. Then, add tags to specify details about your site. If the appropriate tag isn’t available, you can create a new one, like “cloud storage,” and it will be saved for future use.

Click “continue.”

Choose the language your website uses.

For local businesses, you can specify your exact location in the market field. If you’re ready, click “submit.” You’ll then see instructions for where to place the verification code.

This code confirms your ownership or administrative access to the website. Copy this code and insert it into the head tag of your site’s HTML. If you use WordPress, consider using a plugin like WP code to prevent the code from being overwritten during theme updates. Once the code is installed, it will appear under the code snippets on the sidebar. Navigate to “header and footer,” paste the code in the header box, and save it.

After adding the verification tag, return to the platform and click on “verify website.” It will check if the tag is correctly installed.

Click “yes” when prompted, and you should receive a success message, indicating your website is now added to your account. Your site will show a status of “pending” as it awaits our team’s approval to ensure it meets our criteria. Once approved, you’ll be notified via email. The status will update from “pending” to “approved,” allowing you to request backlinks from the website vault and post open link requests, as well as build links for other community members.

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