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Connect with link-builders around the world to build high-quality backlinks on niche-relevant websites.

The Most Important Piece of Your SEO Strategy

Our carefully curated marketplace ensures that you only engage with trusted partners, guaranteeing the highest-quality backlinks for maximum SEO impact.

Load your websites into your account and allow others to request backlinks from your websites in exchange for credits

Every time you build backlinks for others in the network you will earn credits that can be used to purchase link-requests from others

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Boost Your Website’s Visibility in 3 Easy Steps:

Find Relevant Websites

Discover high-quality sites in your niche along with valuable metrics like DA, PA, CF, traffic and more.

Specify Anchor Text

Specify whether you want a specific anchor text or if you want to give the publisher some flexibility.

Request Backlinks

Submit your request to specific websites or create an open request that any matching websites can fulfill!

What You Can Expect

Discover Opportunities

Identify opportunities based on specific criteria to ensure you’re building high-quality and niche relevant backlinks

Track Backlink Performance

Monitor your website rankings as you continue to build high-quality backlinks.

Monitor Backlinks

Ensure backlink integrity, receive notifications for broken or lost links, maintaining optimal performance.

What our amazing customers
say about LinkRocket

“As a digital marketing agency, we’ve always understood the importance of high-quality backlinks, but finding reliable sources that didn’t charge and arm and a leg was a constant challenge. LinkRocket has been a game-changer for us. The platform connects us with a private group of top-notch link builders, making the process of link exchange seamless and efficient. “
Branden Northrop
Agency Owner

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